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50 Food Trucks Worth Following in Every Major City

Featured on blog and named 1 of 50 TOP Food Trucks in America!

Jacksonville Restaurant Reviews

Believe it or not there are 81 different BBQ restaurants in the city of Jacksonville. We ranked in the TOP 5 for Beef Brisket. 

Void Magazine

Featured in Void Magazine for a behind the scenes day in the life a food truck. 

Cooking Channel

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For lunch, he bellies up to a food truck serving some of the best smoked meats in town.

Nine Local Dishes To Try Right Now

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"If you eat anything on this list, this is it." ~Nomnomjax

Uniquely Florida BBQ at The Butt Hutt Smokehouse WRITTEN BY: Brittny Lowrey

After racking up accolades throughout the years for their slow cooked meats and signature sides, they caught the eye of producers of The Cooking Channel as a business defining Florida flavors.